Raised in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania, Kristina Knapp grew up in a place where her imagination could run free. Intrigued with Technology at a young age, Kristina wrote her first short story at the age of eight. In this short story, Kristina combined characters from her favorite two favorite televisions shows. As she grew older, Kristina’s time began to be consumed with school and the performing arts where she studied various instrument families but in her free time, she continued to nurture her creativity while she read fantasy books and watched anime as well as other fantasy shows in her spare time.

While working in the Washington, DC area, Kristina decided to hone in on her creative writing skills and take being an author more series. With the motivation of the memories of her grandmother, in 2015, Kristina started to channel her creativity and began writing her first book. After 2.5 years, the first book quickly turned into two as the creativity continued. With her first book series, Imperial Legends, she has written a book series where magic, mystery, and murder collide with love deception and war in an epic book series. Now, as she continued the Imperial Legends Series, worlds will be rocked as love faces deception as one world tries to heal from a savage war.