Coming March 2022

With the extinction of the final druid in the world of Kyūkyoku, Catalia is left alone to battle the evil Lord Rowuwan in order to vanquish the darkness to save the land from the perils that poured into the land. Decisions will be made to alter the future of the countries of Kyūkyoku forever. Destinies will change as one man’s selfless act, to surrender his freedoms and alter his destiny, protects the life of the one he falls in love with.

New challenges will emerge as Lucian and Catalia battle the darkness only to discover that Kyūkyoku is not the only world that is being threatened by the darkness that is consuming their world. Catalia must find the Tengoku Scrolls and travel between dimensions to reunite two star-crossed lovers who have been torn apart with the memories that they shared being stripped away.

Will she be able to find the scrolls in time to salvage true love or will their memories be lost forever?