Coming March 2020

As all legends begin, one person must significantly alter their world for generations to come. Displaying courage to take a stand for what they believe in, to be willing to do whatever they need to accomplish the foal with unwavering faith. Not even the fear of death can scare them from completing the mission which they set out upon.  Their heart will press on to see the bigger picture achieved and pursue the mission until the very end, no matter what the price they need to pay, even if they need to lay down their life to complete the mission. Faith will be tested as one man sets out to accept a new destiny and to protect the world in which he loves.

We will see the rise to power of one man that will change a world forever. In a war-ravaged land, another man accepts a new destiny that will alter more than just one universe for generations. As the world of Kyūkyoku is on the verge of a revolutionary war, the Imperial war.  Tensions are mounting as regions brace themselves for the unknown. Alliances are formed but one of those alliances will create a bond that will push the limits beyond both time and space, connecting two different worlds forever. Will this risk be the deciding factor or will it launch both worlds into an uncontrollable chaos?

Coming March 2019

With the tides of fate shifting directions, the destiny of one young maiden has also begun a new path. The world in which we knew will be forever changed. Evil will permeate the hearts of the pure and push them to their breaking point to find answers. Even though the Imperial Wars are over, others still plot to seek control even after defeat, the countries in Kyūkyoku are still in danger of being overthrown by a man filled with the seed of lust controlling his heart.

Lives will be at stake as evil continued to seep into the world of Kyūkyoku. Courage will be tested. Hearts will struggle to endure while evil will mock justice.  Lovers will fight to reunite with one another. Surprises reveal true emotions and disappointments will expose honest character. Can good truly vanquish evil or will evil reign supreme?



Coming March 2020

As the war between good and evil continues to press on while love triangles explode. Comrades turn on each other as the world of Kyūkyoku spirals out of control. An unforeseen evil will make themselves known as a forgotten evil resurfaces to claim what he once had. Alliances will be exposed while secrets are revealed. Kyūkyoku tailspins into a world of lies, deceit, and corruption as evil entities continue their dominance over the world.

As Lovers reunite and fight for all that is good in the world. To protect the one that she loves, the Kairoshino Priestess will risk everything. Joyful tears slowly turn into tears of pain as loved ones are lost during the battle between good and evil. Will the side of good be strong enough to vanquish the evil that has seeped into their world or will it be completely consumed by the malicious entity that once controlled Kyūkyoku?


Coming March 2021

With the death of the prophesized savior, the land of Kyūkyoku slowly slips into the shadows of despair. New evils will enter the world to terrorize the inhabitants of the land. Chaos has destroyed the peace that once was. People live in fear as they never know which evil thing they are going to face. With hideous monsters lurking around any corner, the people begin to live in fear as they never knew when their time in the world would come to an end.

As all hope seemed to be lost, a new savior appears in Kyūkyoku. She lived among the people as a child but when the time was upon her, her body started to change. With noticeable and irreversible changes, the savior must accept their destiny or cower in fear while evil rules Kyūkyoku.


Coming March 2022

With the extinction of the final druid in the world of Kyūkyoku, Catalia is left alone to battle the evil Lord Rowuwan in order to vanquish the darkness to save the land from the perils that poured into the land. Decisions will be made to alter the future of the countries of Kyūkyoku forever. Destinies will change as one man’s self-less act, to surrender his freedoms and alter his destiny, protects the life of the one he falls in love with.

New challenges will emerge as Lucian and Catalia battle the darkness only to discover that Kyūkyoku is not the only world that is being threatened by the darkness that is consuming their world. Catalia must find the Tengoku Scrolls and travel between dimensions to reunite two star-crossed lovers who have been torn apart with the memories that they shared being stripped away.

Will she be able to find the scrolls in time to salvage true love or will their memories be lost forever?

Coming March 2023

Even though evil has been vanquished, not all is right in the world of Kyūkyoku. The balance is tipped and the forces remained unbalanced after the war between good and evil had ended. Worlds have components that are keeping the unbalanced. Voids continue to cause disturbances between the various dimensions while people fade in and out of worlds.

Only one person can save the multiple dimensions that are at risk from self-destruction and total collapse. Will the new savior of Kyūkyoku have enough time to preserve the worlds and restore the worlds to the proper balance before it is too late? Worlds will change as the balance is restored to the worlds that have been plunged into chaos. Can the riddles be solved in time or will the vast universes spiral out control and meet their doom?