The Kairoshino Stones are magical stones that have been put into place to protect the four daughters of the goddess Heiwa. Each daughter is preserved within two different Kairoshino Stones. Only when the two Kairoshino Stones that were crafted from their respective daughter are brought together can the full magic of that specific daughter be utilized.

With the use of magic, even when utilizing the Kairoshino Stones, there does come a price since the magic that you are calling upon utilizes your life form, and once it is used, you will never be able to regain the part of your life that you had been forced to sacrifice to use magic. Yet the union of the Kairoshino Stones, there is another danger that is also present. If all of the stones are reunited, a new evil will manifest and the true Kairoshino that one must guard against and protect the world of Kairoshino from.

Below is a breakdown of the Kairoshino Stones and the magic that they possess.